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Dr. Carlos Perez 


The best care

Caring for Your Mental and Emotional Health


Whether you’re suffering from a mental illness like depression or anxiety, or memory loss or other effects of a brain injury, we can help.


Our doctor is an experts in addictions, adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, neuropsychology and behavioral medicine.



Our services include:

•  Crisis Care evaluations

•  Individual, couples, and group psychotherapy

•  Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

•  Substance abuse evaluation, treatment, and psycho-educational diversion programs

•  Eating disorders evaluation and treatment

•  Treatment and follow-up for patients who have been hospitalized

•  Referrals to community providers



Conditions We Treat Include:

•  Alzeheimer’s disease

•  Anxiety

•  Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

•  Panic Attacks

•  Bipolar disorder (Manic-depressive illness)

•  Borderline personality disorder

•  Cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT

•  Depression

•  Obsessive compulsive disorder

•  Obsessive compulsive personality disorder

•  Eating disorders

•  Passive aggressive personality disorder

•  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

•  Postconcussion syndrome

•  Schizophrenia

•  Sexual Dysfunction

•  Social phobia disorders

•  Substance abuse and addiction

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